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Community Links is the leading provider of respite services for children and youth in Mississippi.

The concept for Community Links derived from a lifelong dream to offer community-based services and support to families that may have exhausted all other alternatives. Since I can remember, my parents always extended our home, time, and devotion to ensuring that others, particularly youth, received support to become productive citizens within the community. 

During and after the death of both my parents so many, now productive adults shared their fond memories of the love, support and resources that my parents provided to them as a youth as well as, to their families. Many of them attribute their success today to my parents. As I listened and read the testimonials, I knew then that I too wanted to plant seeds in the community just as my parents have and watch them flourish. It is my hope that with support from the Board of Directors, families, and the community at large, I can take the torch that my parents lit many years ago and continue to build and strengthen communities.


CM Hardy

Founder, Community Links, Inc.

About Community Links, Inc.

We are a non-profit organization designed to create and develop programs and services for children and youth and their families that support them. With respect for healthy emotional, social and intellectual development, we are dedicated to providing the information support and connections that families need to survive.

Two Distinct Characteristics of the Organization 

Flexibility - will have the ability to work with youth and families in a variety of settings, hours activities and situations. We never want to force services, rather adapt services to the needs of the youth and family.

Services in the community not in an office - we will work with youth and families in their own environment, i.e. home, community, school or wherever they are most comfortable.

Our Values

We value community life and community solutions that maintain the integrity of the family and individuals we serve.

We are dedicated to providing high quality services to all families and individuals without exception.

We believe that the family is the driving force in selecting their own services and developing their own life goals.

We are committed to the use of practical and proactive approaches.

We believe that individuals of all abilities deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential through support and services provided in their own communities.

We believe that positive, nurturing relationships are the basis for growth and change. These relationships are best fostered through
active participation in the daily activities of neighborhood and family life.

We believe that partnerships yield the most effective and powerful outcomes for those we serve.

We believe that providing quality services and supports is our primary responsibility.

We believe in innovation as a mindset. Developing new and better ways to serve people should be an exciting and motivating expectation of every employee at every level of the organization.

We believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Our Board Members 

  • Tonya Tate

  • Frank Dilliard

  • Tylan Gaylor

  • Lillie Hardy

  • Christaine Williams

  • Brittany Turner

  • Stephanie McDaniels

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